ID015 Starting lights controller for Zround software



System components:

  1. Starting Lights Controller
  2. Fast connect/release power connector on lights side.
  3. 2m lenght USB cable
  4. Wifi antenna

Starting lights controller designed for Zround lap timing software. You can connect this controller to your PC trough USB cable, or trough Wifi. If you will use Wifi connection, you must install Virtual comport software. Please watch short video about starting lights connection on our webpage.

Enclosure suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Controller is ready for power from 10-24V power supply. (Crocodiles for  connecting to 12V Lead battery)

If you will use this controller with AC ~110-220V power, you must open enclosure and set power source jumper to another position and add safe power plug.

Controller designed for max 6A power current.



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