ID017 Onboard Glow Igniter/Heater



Automatic Glow Igniter with Indicator

Working off any spare channel on your receiver. You can mix this channel with throttle channel, and enable additional electrical power at low rpm for higher engine stability.

This glow igniter is the perfect remote glow solution for your boat, car  or helicopter. You just simply press the button, and you can start your engine.

Permanent white LED indicating that glow plug works, if white LED blinks – you must replace glow plug, or check power cable/connection.

Green LED indicates power source from receiver/battery.

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  • 4.8-9.0V input voltage
  • Up to 10A output current (enough to very cold glow plugs)
  • Glow plug/connection status indication
  • Power indication
  • Pulse transfer system, low current consumption, low dissipation
  • Glow ignitor connector designed for quick change
  • Water-proof and dust-proof, suitable for all-weather condition races


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