ID010 Lap timing system. New generation. New features!

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We want to offer newest generation of our timing system with new additional features!
* DC/DC switching power supply – now Decoder can support wider power voltage range: 8-15V!
* Integrated Bluetooth audio transceiver – you can hear loop pass audio signal directly from decoder to your headphone wirelessly!
* And 3,2,1….. – Main new feature – Integrated LiIo backup battery! With this battery decoder can work autonomically more than 3 hours! Don’t worry if someone accidentally pulling out the power cable, or you having problems with electrical network failure – decoder will not losses connectivity with your Laptop!

System components:

  1. Decoder
  2. 2x5m detection loop with termination resistor
  3. Termination resistor with short 2x30cm cables, for your own loop (if you will made your own loop)
  4. 8m coaxial cable
  5. ~220V/12 VDC adapter for decoder. You can always use your AC/DC any polarity 8-15V 2A adapter for decoder power
  6. VDC connection cable for decoder power from car 12V plug
  7. VDC connection cable with unleaded ends for decoder power from battery (you can use 3S-4S LiPo or 12V Pb battery and your own connectors)
  8. Ethernet connection cable; USB connection cable.
  9. CD with user manual, drivers, and other third party free lap timing software.
  10.  One personal direct power (6-9V, <25mA) personal transponder, compatible only with our system.

This set has all needed components for using directly “out of the box”.

4 reviews for ID010 Lap timing system. New generation. New features!

  1. Cory Keith

    We use this Timing System at our 1/5 scale off-road RC track..
    Edmonton AB Canada
    System works great
    Just remember to hook up decoder box to a battery.. keeps interference noise low for reliable transponder reading..

  2. Andrew Bause

    At last, just what we have all been waiting for. Vostok Electronics have done a fabulous job with this piece of kit. It delivers exactly what it promises, simple setup and compatibility with AMB at a fraction of the cost. Works perfectly with 2 wire transponders from AMB plus both generations of MRT plus the added bonus of being able to use Vostok’s own transponders.
    Perfect 🙂

  3. Richard Simpson

    We have used this system for the last year and a half with RC timing lap timing software and have found it idea for a small club. If fact the low cost of this system has been instrumental in our club being able to spend revenue on improving facilities rather than paying for a more expensive system. We up graded the loop connections from the loop to the coax joining box and run a medical approved mains power supply which keeps interference down. The only issue is the odd missed lap which is very occasional, otherwise I was would be willing to use our system on a BRCA sanctioned event.

  4. Julian Hardy, New Zealand. (verified owner)

    Andrius has created a system that allows small clubs to run electronic timing at a fraction of the cost of the Major player in this market. The Decoder is also more helpful and useful as it has its own wifi transmitter so for newer laptop connections without ethernet port, you can simply use the wifi or the USB connection if you still want cables. Loop is extremely sensitive, so missed laps should be few and far between. We will add a mini decoder to act as a sector time loop for training purposes, as the costs make it so that we would be remiss not to do so. Overall, there will be detractors, but if you are a smaller club, starting out, this is the perfect choice.

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