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Newest product 2019.09.11

Rechargeable transponder for Kart

Up to ~40 hours working time

Charging from USB port (5V 1A curent)

3D printed body

Newest product 2019.07.1 1

Glow Igniter / heater with status indication

Power from RX channel

Input: 4.8-9V, Output: 1.2V up to 10A


Newest product 2019.04.01

Starting Lights Controller for Zround lap timing software

Power source: 10-24V/~110-240V

USB/Wifi interfaces

Welcome to Open Lithuanian RC boat championship

Join to our competitions. You all are wellcome in Lithuania.

M section model classes: Mini ECO standart (only for kids), mini ECO Expert, ECO Expert, mini Mono, Mono I, MonoII.

FSR-V classes: 3.5cc, 7.5cc, 15cc, 27cc, 35cc

All participants on event can buy our equipment with 20% discount.


M classes 2019 05 31 - 2019 06 01
FSR classes 2019 06 01 - 2019 06 02

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Zelva lake
Phone: +370 699 23597