This story began several years ago.

      My hobby is  RC boats. This is not popular hobby in Lithuania, only several enthusiasts participate in  RC boat races. Many years we counted laps manually, because lap timing equipment was too expensive for us. Idea about homemade lap counting system born several years ago.

     I found a lot  of schematic on internet, but many of them have several weakness. Once I found circuit which matched my wishes. This basic schematic I upgraded several time and added additional features. 

      I was surprised how many people were interested in this equipment. I think this equipment can be interesting not only for my friends, but other RC cars, RC boats and karts enthusiasts . So now I proud to present one of the best non professional Lap timing system in the world.

      I also produced some other types of equipment for racing: laser gate equipment, starting lights, various modifications transponders, other electronics for RC models.

      This is not my main work, so I can make products in limited quantities. Also keep in mind that all equipment I`m making at home, assemble manually, so all dimensions may have little inaccuracy.

     Now I’m working on an autonomous transponder (with internal battery) design.

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