ID025 Rechargeable Transponder for Kart


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Gen 3 rechargeable transponder: stronger transmitting power (up to 2x) for high reliability and speed, longer battery life (48+ hours), more convenient charging and power on/off solution.

These transponders produced especially for real cars/motorcycles. Autonomous, rechargeable and reliable transponders let’s use the same our Lap Timing System for 1:1 motorsport.

Transponders are protected from dust / water splash.
Power on / off with magnetic activation card.
Every transponder have holder in complectation.

Rechargeable Transponders are compatible with Vostokelectronics Lap Timing System only.

Transponder status indicator:
BLUE – charging in progress. When transponder will be 100% charged –  blue LED goes off
RED – wrong power polarity – please change polarity
BLINKING GREEN – transponder On
Integrated high capacity LiIo battery
3D printed body (PETG)
Working time (when full charged): 48+ hours
Charging: 5V DC; 0.5A
Dimensions: 70x40x20mm
Weight ~80g
Charging time up to 4 hours


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