ID011 Mini Lap Timing System


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This Lap timing system designed for personal use or small clubs.

Decoder has basic functions needed for lap timing, but sensitivity is almost the same as has “bigger” brother.

Compatible with : MRT, AMB RC, AMB DP, MyLaps RC4 hybrid, all types of our, and others transponders who use the same coding.

Supported and tested scoring software: RCGarage, Laps Free (only through USB), Zround, Flip Side racing, RCM, RC-Timing, RCSP, Live time (with 10sec delay on start).

„AMM converter“ Android application (you can find it on Google Play) let‘s directly receive data (through Wifi) from the decoder to your Android smartphone or tablet. This is very comfortable for personal training or for small fun races with friends.

!!! Not compatible with „pure“ MyLaps RC4 transponders (3-wire).


System components:

  1. Decoder
  2. 2x5m detection loop with termination resistor
  3. 5m thin coaxial cable
  4. ~110-220V/5 VDC adapter for decoder. You can use your USB power bank for decoder power (if power bank works correctly and not generate noises)
  5. BNC -SMA adapter for decoder connection to existing track coaxial cable
  6. USB connection cable / USB power cable
  7. USB flash key with user manual, drivers, and other third party free lap scoring software
  8.  One Mini personal transponder, compatible only with our system.

This set has all needed components for using directly “out of the box”.



Dimensions : 135x78x15mm

Weight : 0.2 kg

Time base Resolution : 0.01sec

Minimum lap time : 3.5sec

Temperature range : 0 – 50C / 32 – 122F

Humidity range : 10% to 90% relative

Operating voltage range: 5 to 6VDC

Power consumption : 0.4-0.6A

Serial port settings 9600 baud, 8 bit, 1 stop-bit, no parity

USB, Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n interfaces




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Weight 1 kg


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